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  • Is any seafood unhealthy?


    There will always be some common-sense advice that every well-meaning healthcare professional or friend has given us at some point. Drink less Use less salt. Eat more vegetables, less red meat, less sugar, make fewer stops for fast food, and exercise…

  • Which Indian food is best for weight loss?


    We want our daily menu to become a healthy diet menu, little by little, eating varied but without excesses. Although we have changed the title a bit and we are going to slightly change the way we do the selection of recipes, the objective does not change.…

  • Can you lose weight by drinking chia seeds in water?


    Chia is one of the plants with great nutritional properties. They come from a plant belonging to the mint family in Mexico and Guatemala. These civilizations used it as a basic component in their diet since they are a natural source of Omega 3,…

  • How does gluten cause leaky gut?


    I've already explained how having a leaky gut puts you firmly on the autoimmune spectrum. That is why healing your gut is the first pillar of my protocol. Now is the time to make some changes that will bring your gut back to optimal health. One of the…

  • How can I boost my testosterone fast?


    We know that diet is a very important part of staying healthy and controlling our weight, but what we eat also has an effect on the hormones our body produces. One of these hormones that can be affected by the food you eat, both positively and negatively.…

  • Is it healthy to eat raw fish?


    Fish can be an important part of a healthy diet, containing essential nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids. That can reduce the likelihood of you developing cardiovascular disease, cancer, Alzheimer's, etc. However, there are some harmful fish species…

  • Will I lose weight if I fast for a day?


    In our society speaking of fasting sounds like sacrifice, sadness, deprivation of pleasure. This is because of our influence from European ancestors, tables full as a symbol of prosperity, health and happiness. These overflows, for decades, make us look…

  • Is pineapple juice antibacterial?


    As something of an icon of the tropical experience, pineapple is used in indigenous medicine for a wide range of ailments, uses that are only now being confirmed by modern scientific methods. Amazing healing properties of pineapple While most of us know…

  • How long do I have to get direct sunlight to make vitamin D?


    Vitamin D is necessary for the proper functioning of the human body, in addition to its absorption in food, adequate exposure to sunlight is required for it to acquire its active form. Vitamin D prevents rickets in children and adolescents, as well as…

  • How does obesity cause cancer?


    High-fat foods, despite being eaten by individuals with a healthy weight, could contribute to an increased risk of cancer. Although it is commonly thought that if we are neither overweight nor obese, we should not worry about diet, supposedly because…

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