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  • Is chronic urticaria serious?


    The chronic urticaria is a skin condition, its origin may be autoimmune and the body has antibodies able to create histamine. If it is released outside the blood vessels, it becomes responsible for burning, itching and the annoying hives that appear on…

  • What makes Crohn's disease worse?


    The Crohn's disease is a type of inflammatory bowel disease, chronic and recurrent course, which manifests with bouts of diarrhea (with mucus and blood) and abdominal pain. The diagnosis of Crohn's disease must be made by a doctor, since it is not only an…

  • How long does it take to recover from Bichectomia?


    At present, the influence of social networks and the fashion industry has changed the perception of the concept of beauty that was had a few years ago, which is why aesthetic procedures that help to achieve this new concept of beauty have increased. One…

  • Does keto worsen diabetes?


    On the Paleo diet, you will have to cut back on bread, grains, and processed foods… so naturally, you will be reducing your sugar intake. So is the Paleo diet good for diabetics? The Paleo diet and benefits for diabetics Currently, research looking at the…

  • What vitamins are best for diabetics?


    Making sure you get enough nutrients and nutraceuticals could prevent the development of type 2 diabetes, in addition to diet and exercise, adequate, controlled and supervised supplementation can help you prevent type 2 diabetes from functional medicine.…

  • Can I lose weight by eating coconut milk?


    Did you know that coconut can be a very beneficial natural slimming agent for your health? Learn about the benefits of coconut to help you lose weight naturally. The coconut oil is the only one that should cook, since it is the only one not oxidized at…

  • Is it OK to eat sweet potato every day?


    The main benefits of sweet potatoes are the healthy carbohydrates that provide energy and that do not show much increase in blood sugar, making it an excellent option for those who are on a diet. Besides those mentioned above, other health benefits of…

  • Is Royal Jelly good for immune system?


    The benefits of royal jelly are extensive and universities around the world are studying its compounds to learn more about all its beneficial contributions to the body. Royal jelly can be a vitality tonic and can also help balance hormones. This excellent…

  • What can you eat for breakfast as a vegan?


    Homemade vegan breakfasts Regardless of whether it's a quick breakfast in the morning during the week, or a weekend brunch with the whole family: we have the right vegan recipes for every situation. 1. Overnight Oats - a vegan breakfast loaded with energy…

  • Is pomegranate juice good before workout?


    In recent research with male rowers, researchers found that those who consumed pomegranate juice had significantly higher total antioxidant capacity after a strenuous exercise session compared to those who did not. In their study published in the Journal…

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