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  • Does hops affect GABA?


    Hops promote drowsiness without disturbing the sleep process. It also calms anxiety and stimulates digestion. Hops are well known for being used as an ingredient in beer production. However, the drowsy-promoting properties of beer are not related to the…

  • What are the healthiest fermented foods?


    Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said that disease begins in the intestine. So, it stands to reason that health and beauty start there, too. The importance of good bacteria in the intestine is essential for this. We want to increase this friendly…

  • Which juice is best for weakness?


    Green juice is a mixture of green vegetables and fruits that are compressed or squeezed to obtain the nutrients they contain. One of the many benefits of green juice is that you can get more nutrients because you can make more juice from foods that you…

  • Are bananas bad for arthritis?


    The pain of arthritis is a serious problem once the years accumulate. Many people have serious problems with their knees, joints and wrists, especially when the weather is cold or the seasons change. Juices to relieve arthritis pain Apart from the use of…

  • Can you lose belly fat by rubbing your stomach?


    How to lose belly or belly fat? The fat located in the area of the belly is also known as visceral fat, and is harmful to health. This type of fat is a major risk factor for type II diabetes and heart disease, among other conditions. Some health…

  • What are the benefits of eating mushrooms?


    There are many nutritional benefits of medicinal mushrooms, in fact they have powerful antioxidant and immunostimulating properties. Furthermore, they are a rich source of prebiotic fibers and a dietary source of vitamin D. It is an ancient food, dating…

  • How can I delay Greying hair?


    Gray hair is very feared by some people, especially women develop an aversion to gray hair, that is due to the association we make between these and old age. Deep down, almost all human beings will reach the period of the golden age, but inevitably we…

  • What is the best product for skin tightening?


    The serum is a nourishing product that has been used for several years, with the aim of repairing damaged skin caused by environmental factors. It is characterized by containing a non-greasy finish and a procedure with high concentration active…

  • Should I avoid bread to lose belly fat?


    If you want to lose weight but your plan is not to stop eating bread, we have the solution for you The bread is part of Spanish culture. In our country, especially, we take everything with this food: toast of the breakfast, the pinchito midmorning, the…

  • What are the benefits of an alkaline diet?


    Today we tell you all about this regime that has already made a famous actress lose 25 kilos The alkaline diet has taken center stage in recent months because of the famous ones who follow it and whose results are remarkable. Vanesa Lorenzo, model and…

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