Sagging is an aesthetic problem that can make us feel insecure with our body, especially at times where the skin is most exposed and this problem can be noticed, such as visits to the pool or the beach. For this reason, there are many recipes for homemade creams that have been born, in order to solve flaccidity in an effective and safe way, without having to resort to invasive methods that could put health at risk. To obtain the desired results, here are the steps.
Eliminate sagging with this homemade cream
The first thing you should know before starting the treatment is that you must be persistent with it because this cream will not give you the results you want instantly or magical but with its constant and daily application while combining it with exercise routines or a better diet.
This is important to take into account since there is no magic recipe to eliminate placidity in a few days, since the skin must take firmness over time and to achieve this result we must be consistent with our wishes.
The cream in question consists of a 100% natural combination and free of those expensive chemical additives that make it difficult to maintain a long-term treatment due to its costs.
The cream is a combination of hazelnut extract and denied you, along with coffee, clay and olive oil, which forms a creamy texture with the properties indicated to treat in depth the problem of sagging skin. The secret of this cream is that its components can easily penetrate the pores and be absorbed, thus improving blood circulation in the area and favoring the skin's oxygenation process.
• Black tea, one sachet is enough
• 150 grams of clay
• 50 grams of coffee
• Hazelnut extract, about 10 to 15 drops
• Olive oil required amount
• Hot water
First we must heat the water and put the black tea bag to boil inside it, later we pour it into a glass container and gradually add the clay while stirring slowly, preferably with a wooden spoon.
Then we add the coffee and continue stirring to finish adding the hazelnut extract and the coffee. You will know that the amounts are correct when you can feel a creamy consistency forming. If not, you can add more oil or coffee, depending on the consistency you have, the idea is to form a light but consistent cream. We will let it rest and we already have our homemade cream to treat sagging skin.
How to apply it
After you prepare the mixture that we have recommended, its application is very simple. The first thing you should do is identify the area where you want to start the treatment and clean it very well. After it is clean, take a sufficient amount of the cream and apply it to the area with the help of your hands.
After applying it, gently massage the area to be firmed with your fingertips for five minutes and then spread the layer of cream over the area and let it dry for another thirty minutes. After this time passes, you can remove it with the help of cold water.
This procedure must be repeated day by day, in order to obtain the expected results. Remember that flaccidity is usually caused by the aging process of the skin, so the effects of the cream are temporary, which means that they must continue with the process at least once a week, so that it remains in the time.
You will notice the results and you will feel better about yourself as a firm and better-looking skin increases self-esteem and confidence. This homemade cream will help you.

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