You have surely heard about cardamom, as it is used many times to spice up different drinks and also to give dishes a special flavor.
Today we want to tell you what it is and also the benefits of consuming it. You'll be surprised!
It is an aromatic herb from the Plantae kingdom, which comes from the rainforests of India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Sumatra.
Cardamom has been known since ancient times for properties and benefits for health and also for gastronomy in India and later in Europe.
Currently, it is popular all over the world, although its main cultivation is found in Asian countries.
This herb is highly valued for its intense aroma and flavor. In Mexico, for example, it is used in coffee and chocolate drinks.
Cardamom is rich in essential oils that help strengthen the body, maintain good health, plus other beneficial properties that you should not miss. We share them:
• It is rich in starch, which strengthens and energizes the body. In addition, this component helps to activate the metabolism.
• It also helps to feel full, perfect for people on a diet to lose weight.
• It contains fiber, which helps maintain digestion and intestinal movement in optimal conditions, avoiding constipation problems. In addition, it protects the colon from various diseases, fighting various pathogens that can damage it.
• Cardamom has a stimulating effect on the body, perfect for keeping you alert, energetic and very active during the day.
• Thanks to its essential oils, cardamom has been found very effective in relieving headaches, general discomfort, and even pain caused by inflammation of hemorrhoids.
• It also helps reduce body odors caused by sweating or bad breath.
• It has a diuretic action, preventing fluid retention and keeping the urinary system in good condition.
• In drinks: place a ¼ of the seeds in half a cup of boiling water for five minutes. Later, mix it with a hot drink: it can be tea, coffee, chocolate or atole. You can also add some powdered cardamom to your favorite drink.
• As a seasoning: you can use the powder or the seeds in your meals when cooking to give them more flavor and aromas.

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