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New research has concluded that there is a food that prevents weight gain and contributes to the overall health of those who eat it
When it comes to losing weight, it is not only important when we eat and how much, but what. Choosing well what our diet is made of is a direct pass to success in losing weight.
If your goal is to lose a few extra kilos or simply be healthier in general, you will be interested in what we are going to tell you, because a new study by researchers from the United States has discovered that there is a food that makes us lose weight only eat it.
The food you should eat if you want to lose weight
Research, published in the British Medical Journal Nutrition, Prevention & Health, has shown that eating walnuts makes us slimmer and healthier, and that it also prevents weight gain.
The study found that increasing your walnut consumption by just half a serving or 14 grams a day is linked to less weight gain and a lower risk of obesity.
To arrive at these conclusions, the researchers at Harvard Medical School examined data on weight, diet and physical activity in three groups of people. The first group consisted of health professionals, men, 40 to 75 years old; the second group included nurses between 35 and 55 years old; and the last group were nurses between 24 and 44 years old.
Increased daily walnut consumption is associated with lower long-term weight gain and lower risk of obesity in adults
The researchers closely followed the evolution of the three groups from 1986 to 2010. Every four years, they were asked about their weight and how often they ate a serving of walnuts. Also, every two years, they were asked to report on the weekly exercise they were doing, if so.
Once the data had been collected and the statistics were made, it was found that the weight gain during these years of all the groups, in general, had been 0.32 kilos, and that the consumption of walnuts had increased, approximately, 33% daily in men and 22% in women.
After crossing the data with the consumption of these nuts, the researchers discovered that those who ate the most nuts, approximately 14 grams per day, had a lower risk of gaining 2-4 kilos in a period of four years.
Thus, " increased daily walnut consumption is associated with lower long-term weight gain and a lower risk of obesity in adults," the researchers concluded.
Nuts are healthy and filling
The nuts are rich in vitamins, fiber, minerals and healthy unsaturated fats. Its fat content, although healthy, means that we cannot bloat them but eat them moderately.
The ideal, as the research assures, is to take about two or three nuts a day or, what is the same, about 14 grams.
Ideally, take two or three nuts a day or, what is the same, about 14 grams
The nuts also are full of vitamin E, which protects us against some aspects of the cognitive decline that comes with age. In addition, these nuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, whose benefits for the brain we have mentioned in point number 1.
Consuming these nuts on a daily basis, therefore, increases satiety and prevents weight gain, which is linked to increasing age.

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