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There are many nutritional benefits of medicinal mushrooms, in fact they have powerful antioxidant and immunostimulating properties. Furthermore, they are a rich source of prebiotic fibers and a dietary source of vitamin D. It is an ancient food, dating back to ancient Egyptian and Chinese cultures, to promote longevity and treat various diseases.
Recently, specific varieties of mushrooms have resurfaced into the limelight and flooded the shelves of health food stores. This is due to its nootropic properties, especially its ability to improve mental function, cognition, and physical performance.
Protein source
Beyond their wide range of medicinal values, edible mushrooms boast of their nutritional content. These mushrooms are considered an excellent source of plant-based digestible protein. In fact, in populations that do not consume animal proteins, mushrooms are used to combat protein deficiency and as a supplement to cereals. These mushrooms have a high branched-chain amino acid composition, generally only found in animal-based protein sources.
On the other hand, both cooked and uncooked mushrooms contain high-quality proteins that are easily absorbed and bioavailable, denoting their superiority over other protein sources. In a randomized crossover study the difference in satiety levels between mushrooms and meat was evaluated. As the results indicate, the participants expressed significantly less hunger and a greater feeling of satiety after consuming the mushroom meal compared to the participants who ate meat.
How to ingest medicinal mushrooms
There are different ways to consume these mushrooms, one of the newest is to do it in powder, specifically plant-based protein fermented with shiitake. This form of protein powder is a tasty option with a neutral, earthy flavor. Furthermore, it matches the amino acid profiles of the whey and soy isolates, validating the potential for therapeutic use.
Mushroom-based protein is a suitable option for those who suffer from allergies or who cannot consume protein based on whey, soy or wheat. Because it provides amino acids and has high amounts of the coveted BCAAs, it can also be a great option for highly active or athletic patients due to its role in muscle building and fat burning.
The complete protein composition found in mushrooms is a great alternative to bridge the gap between vegans and vegetarians. They can be consumed in other traditional plant-based protein sources such as peas, rice, and other grains and legumes.
People with indigestion problems
Lastly, due to their high digestibility, mushroom protein sources may be a superior choice for those with indigestion or malabsorption issues. Especially those with reduced enzymes and stomach acid that cannot properly digest animal proteins. In summary, the intake of protein derived from mushrooms can be an advantageous suggestion to improve general health.

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