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The lips also need exfoliation. That's right, like other fabrics, this area releases impurities that can be removed with a wash or with a more specific treatment. Here are the arguments and proper procedures to learn how to exfoliate lips naturally and without spending a lot of money.
Why is it necessary to exfoliate the lips?
The lips fulfill three basic functions: they help to produce words, the digestion process and protect the sense of taste by acting as an opening barrier. The secondary functions are varied and this daily work causes the lips to wear out. It should also be added that the wind, cold, heat, dirt in the environment cause damage to the skin that must be treated.
That is why small layers of dead skin can often be seen on top of the lips, it is a protection process that prevents these impurities from acting under the second layer of the skin (dermis) since the glands are found there sebaceous that are vulnerable to infections caused by bacteria or viruses. Exfoliating lips naturally prevents dryness and provides more benefits than you might expect.
Homemade lip scrubs
To help the lips to regenerate in a natural way and in this way prevent them from being chapped, dry or having a dark color on the lower lip or the corners, it is necessary to exfoliate the lips with some consistency and in an appropriate way. Learn below how you can achieve it.
Use sugar
Sugar is used for natural exfoliants of the skin, but its benefits also apply to the lips. Its application helps to eliminate dry skin and, incidentally, its flavor makes the process satisfactory. Simply mix a tablespoon of brown or white granulated sugar and a tablespoon of olive oil.
Both achieve a firm and semi-rustic paste, then it is applied on the lips with the tips of the fingers, in a circular way it is used along both folds until they are covered. Leave it like this for about 10 minutes and then remove it using warm water. If desired, you can add a balm or a moisturizing cream so that the lips stay hydrated for longer.
Baking soda and honey
The sodium bicarbonate has various applications in health, it helps alleviate the pain caused by ulcers, removing chips, serves as deodorant and detoxify. Its effectiveness is based on its main component which is hydrogen peroxide, which in simple words is like the "microscopic cleanser" of the skin.
If you combine this property with the hydration that honey offers, then you get a high-quality natural exfoliator for the lips. To achieve the best results, it is recommended to get honey of the highest purity, that is, it is well sweetened and not too liquid.
The natural exfoliator for the lips is achieved by mixing in a container a tablespoon of baking soda, a honey and a few drops of olive oil. Now it is beaten until a homogeneous paste is obtained, then it is applied on the lips and left to rest for about five minutes. The paste is then removed with warm water and if desired a lip balm is applied.
Exfoliate with coffee grounds
It is just as effective as the previous two. It is enough to mix a teaspoon of olive oil and a teaspoon of ground coffee. If you want, you can add a little refined sugar to enhance its action. In a container it is mixed well and when the paste is ready it is applied to the lips as a massage. After a few minutes it is removed using warm water. With these recipes you can exfoliate your lips naturally and without spending too much.
Tips for caring for the lips
• Drinking enough water a day, keeping the body hydrated helps the skin, and the lips are no exception, in fact, one of the eminent signs of dehydration in the body is reflected through the lips. It is recommended to drink an average of 6 glasses of water a day.
• Avoid passing your tongue over your lips, it is a “tic” that becomes a habit and that many consider sensual. And yes, it is all that and more, but the problem is that saliva contains enzymes that affect the skin of the lips and make them dry.
• The natural exfoliants for lips have no preservatives, this means they do not last long, so book and refrigerate more product to make the mixture the desired times necessary.
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