Trying to tone the thighs and slim the legs is often a challenge on a personal level, although there are a lot of treatments and diets that could provide good results, physical exercise represents the best option to achieve those lean and toned thighs that you crave... Learn about these exercises and start practicing them today to start seeing results as soon as possible.
The thighs are a part of the body that holds the great physical attractiveness that most people long for. In that sense, toning the thighs while freeing them from cellulite is a priority.
Fat present in the thighs
The downside is that it is one of the areas of the body in which more fat tends to accumulate and in which a lot of work is also required to make it slim and firm.
The thighs turn out to be the perfect place where excessive fat can be lodged, if our routine can focus on toning adductors and working the inner part of the legs, we can lose weight and tone the thighs.
Work adductors
Resistance exercises to work the adductors or the inner thighs, help to strengthen and tone an area that many women consider to be a big problem. The adductors move the legs toward the center of the body and are responsible for helping to keep the hips and knees in proper alignment when we move (walk or run). Working the inside of the thighs two to three times a week can dramatically improve the definition of the upper leg known as the thighs.
Cut calories to tone your thighs
However, you will not be able to tone this area of the thighs if there is fat present in that place. To perform a correct toning work it is necessary to make adjustments in the diet, reducing the amount of daily calories you consume and giving priority to cardiovascular exercises as a routine several times a week.
Exercises to get toned thighs
There are a large number of exercises that can be of great help to strengthen the thighs and achieve slimmer and more attractive legs, however it is necessary to carry a plan together between diet, exercises and avoiding stress.
• Start by standing straight, making sure your legs are shoulder width apart. The torso should be kept straight and the arms in front or behind the neck.
• Now you will be bending your knees and simultaneously lower your buttocks as much as possible but always with your torso upright.
• Go up and down completing 3 sets of 20 reps.
The squats are an exercise to reduce cellulite and tone thighs very effective with the bonus of also having an excellent effect to strengthen the buttocks.
• You will stand with your back straight, your shoulders well aligned, your chest out a little, your arms at your sides and looking straight ahead.
• Take a step forward with your right leg and now bend your knees so that the opposite leg, that is, the left leg is almost touching the ground.
• Return to the starting position and do the movement again but exchanging legs.
10 or 15 repetitions per leg will be enough to start, and you can increase the repetitions, also you can perform less if you feel limited.
Leg raises
It is a more demanding exercise but with better results because we will concentrate a good part of the work in a specific area.
• Start by lying on your side on a rug. Support yourself with your elbow while the hand will support your head.
• Raise your leg as high as possible towards the ceiling. Try to hold it in the air for a few seconds and then return to the starting position.
• With 10 repetitions per leg, you will be able to do it with the other. 3 sets per leg is recommended.
Using a Swiss ball
We can do this exercise using a Swiss stability ball, generally used in Pilates exercises, in this case we must place it between the legs as shown in the image above, and we must squeeze the ball with both feet, trying that our knees can touched with a pressure towards the center. Hold the pressure for as long as you can, then slightly release the pressure and relax your legs. This is a very effective exercise to work adductors and strengthen the entire thigh area.

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