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Women today are always looking for mechanisms to simplify life in terms of maintaining their beauty; the laser hair removal is one of these options that allow, through several sessions, the hair is completely removed until it becomes so fine in its growth, which is not noticed.
That is why and because of the importance of this practice, that in this article we will give you 4 reasons to do laser hair removal and avoid the growth and abundance of hair in different areas of the body:
1. Laser hair removal is painless and safe
The radiation emitted during laser hair removal only reaches 4 millimeters of skin, making it completely harmless. In addition, it is a method for the eradication of hair, very little painful in relation to other hair removal techniques such as the rake, the razor or tweezers and even the application of wax to depilate.
In addition, when laser hair removal is used, the hair is removed by the roots, weakening it to the point that it does not grow back, and as a bonus, after each laser hair removal session the skin is completely soft and smooth.
2. The treatment is permanent
This, perhaps, is one of the reasons that most motivate women to use laser hair removal treatment: it is a definitive solution to constant hair growth. After several sessions of laser hair removal practiced properly, it is noticeable how the hair grows finer and finer until it disappears completely.
3. Does not produce folliculitis
When we use laser hair removal as a method to remove hair, we can avoid the appearance of the painful folliculitis that is nothing more than the inflammation of the hair follicle as a result of its infection or an ingrown hair. Products such as wax or rake are the ones that most cause this condition, so people who constantly suffer from this should avoid the use of these mechanisms and opt for laser hair removal sessions.
4. It is special for people with excessive hair growth problem
Excessive growth of hair in different parts of the hair, better known as hirsutism, is a condition that, apart from representing a hormonal problem in women, also affects their presentation. That is why laser hair removal represents an excellent option, since this avoids the discomfort of both the permanent presence of hair, and the endless use of other hair removal methods.
To take into account before using the laser hair removal method
Initially, it should be taken into account that laser hair removal can have side effects such as small first degree burns, and also hyper or hypo pigmentation on the skin (light or dark spots).
All of this is much more or definitely possible when it is done by inexperienced in the matter, or when the treatment is not done with the appropriate steps and equipment.
Finally, it is important to emphasize that although anyone over 14 years of age can use laser hair removal as a mechanism to remove hair from any area of their body, it is important that some precautions are taken before each session, such as avoiding sunbathing for at least 3 days before, or not have any type of wounds or injuries around the area to be waxed.

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