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There are many ways to treat the problem of droopy eyelids for both men and women and of any age, these home solutions have been used since time immemorial, and have been passed from generation to generation.
Why do eyelids droop and how to restore firmness?
Although aging, genetic factors and certain diseases - for example diabetes and migraines - can trigger premature eyelid droop , it can also be due to bad habits such as insufficient skin hydration and excessive sun exposure.
Fortunately, the sagging of the eyelids is something that can be reversed with simpler and cheaper alternatives than cosmetic surgery, a measure adopted by countless women even knowing the risk involved. That is why the invitation is to bet on the natural and follow the following recommendations:
• Avoid frequently rubbing the eyes, as in addition to inflaming, it generates dark circles.
• Sleep at least seven continuous hours a day.
• Hydrate very well, after all, the eyelid area usually holds a lot of fluid.
• Include good sources of vitamin A in the diet, as it is a crucial element in the fight against wrinkles.
Homemade alternatives to get rid of droopy eyelids
It is not necessary to go through the operating room to restore elasticity to the skin of the drooping eyelids, radically changing the appearance in that area does not require but the implementation of simple home and natural remedies, which ones? the ones suggested below:
1. As simple as cucumber wheels on over the eyes
The quickest and most practical option to lift droopy eyelids is to take a cold cucumber, chop it into wheels and place a couple of them over the eyes, allowing them to rest for 15 to 20 minutes before removing them.
2. Oatmeal, honey egg yolk
Firming masks are an excellent option to show off a smooth face, and the eyelid area is no exception; For this purpose, the beaten egg yolk will be placed in a container, incorporating - gradually and in equal parts - honey and oatmeal until a homogeneous paste is obtained.
The result will be applied all over the face, emphasizing the eyelid area, leave on for 45 minutes, and finish the treatment by rinsing with plenty of cold water.
3. Black figs
The nutrients present in some fruits make them allies of the general health of the skin; Such is the case of the black fig, whose components hydrate and nourish the skin to the point of firming the drooping eyelids. Taking advantage of these virtues requires washing a handful of these, and mashing them until obtaining a kind of puree to which a few drops of lemon juice will be added.
Apply the mask obtained on the area to be treated, although if preferred, it can be used on the entire face; It is important to let it rest for half an hour before removing it with cold water.
4. Apple to restore the tone of droopy eyelids
Like black figs, apples represent an ally of skin health, especially when lifting droopy eyelids; in this case, the fruit will have to be peeled, its seeds extracted with its pulp, and a paste that will be applied to the area for 20 minutes; after time, stir using fresh water.
5. Chamomile to reduce inflammation and refresh
There are many known benefits of chamomile infusion, however, few know of the bags used in its preparation; While enjoying a warm cup of the drink, these will go directly to the fridge so that, once cold, they are placed on the closed eyelids. The result? the natural alternative with which to relax, while deflating and refreshing the area around the eyes.
6. Exercise
The last suggestion for firming the lids area is to exercise them; Just as you read it, put into practice a routine that will restore your strength. Stopping the loss and formation of wrinkles around the eyes requires:
• Stretch the eyelids using the tips of the fingers to bring them back; accentuating your breath, try to close your eyes.
• The next step is to make circles with your eyes and try to look at the ceiling without moving your head.
• To finish, move your eyes from left to right, fix your head.

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