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Product description锛?/strong>
The installation structure of gate valve reduces the bolt of valve body under the condition of high pressure and large diameter, improves the reliability of valve, and overcomes the influence of system dead weight on the normal operation of valve.
Design specification:
Valve name:Aluminum bronze gate valve
Design criteria:GB/T 12234,API 600,API 6D,EN 10434,DIN 3352
Nominal size:DN15---DN2000锛?/2----80鈥?/p>
Nominal pressure:0.6---42.0(Mpa)锛?50LB---2500LB
Material:Aluminum bronze
Applicable medium:Temperature is -29 ~ 300鈩?fresh water, sea water and other media
Q:Can we cooperate with Biyi ask for agent or exclusive agency?
A:Of course welcome.
Q:How to contact,negotiate and cooperate with Biyi?
A:Kindly contact Biyi鈥檚 international team by Email,Telephone and other efficient communication way.
Q: May I know what鈥檚 the nearest airport from your company?in case I visit your company.
A: First Wenzhou Airport,,then Hangzhou or Yiwu airport,welcome to visit us.
Q:Can you do the design for us?
A:Yes. We have a professional team having rich experience in design and manufacturing.Gate Valve suppliers

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