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鈱?Intake air temperature 鈱嬶細鈮?00 鈩?/p>
鈱?Operating temperature 鈱嬶細1000-1200 鈩?/p>
鈱?Production capacity 鈱嬶細3-10 t/h
鈱?Application range 鈱嬶細Handling lead from lead-acid battery waste, blast furnace waste, refined scum, bag powder and so on, can also be used in sulfuric acid lead, lead oxide, lead concentrate, lead slag and lead ore extraction.
High lead rate and low pollution
Rapid smelting, high lead rate, low production cost; Low pollution, in line with national environmental protection requirements.
Steel furnace body, long service life
The furnace body is made of steel cylinder, lined with refractory material, and has good stability, which helps to prolong the service life.
Wide application range and low noise
The lead smelting furnace can also handle battery waste, blast furnace waste, scum refining, bag powder and so on. The operating noise is low and the working environment is good.
The structure of the lead smelting furnace is divided into three parts: the hearth, the furnace body and the top of the furnace. The furnace body is further divided into a molten pool area and a reburning area, and both sides are provided with a molten pool tuyere (downwind outlet) and a reburning tuyere (upward vent). One end is a feeding chamber, and the other end is a slag siphon well and a siphon discharge lead, and the slag opening is higher than the lower vent to form a molten pool, that is, the depth of the molten pool can be adjusted by the height of the slag.

The lead concentrate, flux, dust return and coal are added to the side blowing furnace through the feeding belt from the main feeding mouth, which is immediately sucked into the slag and melted into the tuyere zone of the smelting chamber, and then into the upper part of the tuyere. The corresponding oxidation and reduction reaction occurs in the bubbling layer formed by the blast.Drying & Smelting manufacturers

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