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Sagging in the hips, legs and thighs can be due to various health conditions, but the good news is that it can be treated with a homemade cream that we will teach you to prepare, and through its application you will be able to tone the skin of the hips and thighs, managing to effectively eliminate sagging.
Bad eating habits, sedentary lifestyle, overweight and age are factors that make our skin lose tone and become more flaccid, in addition to changing habits, a firming cream can help improve the condition of our skin, the places where the fatter accumulates and our body becomes looser are the hips and thighs, so that you can take care of them with a natural treatment we bring you a homemade cream for flaccidity that you cannot miss.
What Causes Sagging Hips and Thighs?
Sagging in the body does not have a single origin, what we can be very clear about is that this condition affects women more than men. The treatment to be followed will depend on the condition of the skin, the type of cellulite that occurs and the stage of its development. We can group 3 different types of cellulite:
1. Soft cellulite: Soft cellulite is present mainly in areas where there is accumulation of fat, such as arms and legs, and is often accompanied by varicose veins or spider veins.
2. Hard cellulite: This type of cellulite is the one that occurs externally, mainly on the hips and thighs, and also usually presents some kind of pain to the touch, the skin looks undulating and does not move. The lack of certain vitamins as well as a sedentary lifestyle are the main causes. It should be taken into account that this skin condition is long-lasting, since the first signs can appear in adolescence.
3. Edematous cellulite: This is the least common type of cellulite and also the most difficult to treat. It is the result of poor circulation problems compounded by significant fluid retention. It affects more the areas of legs and knees, giving a deformed appearance to the contour of them.
How to eliminate sagging with this homemade cream?
For some women, the issue of flaccidity is more serious than for others, but we are all concerned, firm skin looks beautiful, while for no one it is pleasant to have skin without any or very little tone, although being overweight, some bad habits, age, make our skin lose that muscle tone and begin to weaken and look flabby.
To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to eat a healthy diet, watch your weight and even more so avoid the rebound effect, do exercises and use a firming cream to help keep it in place, there are many types of creams to relieve sagging in the market, but if you want to use a natural cream, less expensive and with excellent results, you cannot miss this recipe to prepare a homemade cream for sagging hips and thighs.
What do I need to prepare this cream?
You need:
• 2 tbsp rosehip oil
• 2 tbsp rosemary essential oil
• 1 tbsp of orange essential oil
• 50gr of Shea butter.
Place the shea butter in a water bath, when it dissolves add the rosemary and rosehip oil, stir well and lower the heat, let it rest for a few minutes and add the orange oil, wait for it to cool, and before it solidifies, place it in an airtight glass jar.
Use it every night, massaging when applied and leaving it to act until the next day, massages can act as a lymphatic drainage, helping to reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation as well.

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