1. Function of the YDF-200 Hydraulic scrap metal baler
The YDF-200 hydraulic scrap metal baler is based on an absolutely reliable concept, with many users throughout the world using it for various application.
The hydraulic scrap metal baler is equipped with a shear function on the lid, meaning that the baler will cut off all oversized material when operating with no chance of jamming of material.
The balers are actuated by electric-hydraulic power units and are equipped with high pressure piston pumps with variable output, hydraulic valves, oil filtering and a cooling and heating system. All these components are water-proof.
The hydraulic scrap metal baler is a versatile baler and therefore suits many baling purposes in every scrap yard.
The hydraulic scrap metal baler is designed to process the following types of voluminous material:
鈼?nbsp;New steel cuttings, punching (from production lines) and sheets
鈼?nbsp;Cans, drums and radiators
鈼?nbsp;Aluminium and steel turnings
鈼?Scrap copper wire
2. Specification of the YDF-200 Hydraulic scrap metal baler
Main Power22Kw
Hydraulic Pump160ml/r
Voltage Supply380V/3phase/50Hz (Customized)
Main Force2000Kn (200Ton)
Compression Chamber(L*W*H锛?/p>1600*1200*800mm (Customized)
Bale Size (W*H) (Metal Scrap)350*400*(350~800)mm (Customized)
Bale Weight (Metal Scrap)80~170Kg
Bale Density (Metal Scrap)~1.8 t/m3 (Density varies with the type and amount of metal scraps)
Bale Capacity (Metal Scrap)1200~2500 kg/hour
Single Cycle Time (No-Load):~120S
Bale-DischargeTurn out (Customized)
Operation ControlManual operation  (Customized to automatic operation)
Host Overall Dimensions (L*W*H)~4400*3500*3000 mm
Machine Weight (Approx.)15,500Kg
Oil Capacity~1000L (Oil ideal working temperature: 10鈩儈45鈩?
Oil Type46# or 68# Abrasion-resistant hydraulic oil. (-10鈩儈60鈩?
Shipping Loading40HC Container could load one set.
All mentioned capacity are based on our previous experience and knowledge.
A final statement to the capacity is only possible after a test with original material.
3. Feature of the YDF-200 Hydraulic scrap metal baler
鈼?Suitable for many kinds of metal scraps.
鈼?nbsp;Large press chamber with Fully wear plates
鈼?nbsp;Low maintenance costs
鈼?nbsp;Space saving with Compact design.Baler Machine

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