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With this natural isotonic shake, you will be able to recover faster after physical activity, and you will be able to keep your energy levels in optimal condition.
Isotonic or energizing drinks are the most recommended to hydrate during the practice of any physical activity. It should be noted that the body loses large amounts of fluid through sweat while exercising, so hydration or fluid consumption is mandatory along with the exercises, in order to avoid dizziness and maintain energy.
In general, those who practice some type of physical activity tend to hydrate with water during training, and although it is not bad, water by itself does not guarantee the recovery of minerals and glucose provided by isotonic drinks, especially natural ones. In addition to drinking water every day can be boring.
Isotonic shake benefits
Most of these drinks are high in simple carbohydrates. Carbohydrates offer a fast and efficient source of energy. Like carbohydrates, sports drinks include electrolytes, these are minerals, such as sodium, potassium, chloride and calcium, that tend to reduce the loss of minerals that occurs through sweat. These drinks quickly replace fluids and electrolytes lost through sweat and give a boost of simple carbohydrates.
For this, you can prepare your isotonic natural fruit shake to make the most of a training session, which you can take before exercise, alternate with drinking water during exercise and at the end of the session drink a large quantity of the isotonic shake, all this to maintain the stability of your body.
Homemade isotonic shake
Ingredients for two glasses
A large slice of pineapple
• 1 peeled pear
• Juice of 1 lime
• 2 glasses of natural water
• 1 pinch of sea salt
• 1 pinch of baking soda
• 1 tablespoon of honey
All the ingredients are placed in the blender or mixer. You can strain or leave the pulp to satisfy your anxiety or hunger. Before serving, the rim of the glass is moistened a bit and sits on some salt trying to get it impregnated. Now to drink.
The isotonic natural fruit shake is not only effective to hydrate you before, during and after training, but it is perfect to drink during a day at the beach or after suffering a severe diarrhea or gastroenteritis.
Note: In particular, these drinks are not suitable for children or for people who will not burn sugar for energy.

The ketogenic diet is based on the principle that by depleting the body of carbohydrates, which are its primary source of energy, you can force the body to burn fat for fuel, thereby maximizing weight loss. When you consume foods that contain carbohydrates, the body converts those carbohydrates into glucose, or blood sugar, which it then uses for energy.

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