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Take the time to prepare a healthy lunch for your child. This is one of the most important foods of the day, if you want your little one to have healthy eating habits, choose what to eat.
Much has been attributed to lunch as the cause of childhood obesity, but in reality, all meals are important. Lunch represents only 10% of the calorie’s children consume in a day, and its main function is to provide energy in the middle of the morning for children to continue studying and learning.
The calories we consume per day should keep a certain proportion depending on the time of eating (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks). That is, if a child who needs to consume 1,000kcal a day, this will represent 100% of Kcal in their diet, and it will be distributed as follows:
The breakfast represents 25% of total calories a day, ie 250 kcal.
The collation 1 represents the 10% of the total calories a day, ie 100kcal.
The food represents 35% of total calories a day, is 350kcal.
Snack 2 represents only 10% of the total calories per day, that is, 100kcal.
While dinner only represents 20% of the total calories per day, that is 200kcal.
If you see it for the energy or calorie issue, these examples of foods are the ones that we should NOT give to our children.
1. Basket tacos. They are not a good lunch because they contain little meat (protein) and a lot of fat. Two pieces are equal to 250kcal.
2. Burgers. They are not a good lunch either because they are heavy on the intestines due to excess fat (cheese, meat, bread), so it will be difficult for the child to concentrate again in class due to the slow digestion that he will have during the following hours. 1/3 of a small piece represents 520kcal.
3. Chocolate donut.  They contain a lot of sugar and at 2 hours, the child will need to eat again. One-piece equals 300kcal.
4. Fried sopes. The stage of kindergarten and nursery school is the formation of eating habits, so getting them used to foods that are too fried causes obesity in adult life. Children who eat foods with a lot of fat will hardly accept salads or fruits because of their bland flavors. A small piece represents 350kcal.
5. Milk with chocolate. This drink is a sugar bomb with which you will unleash their anxiety from a young age. Avoid processed foods or commercial milk. Better give him almond milk with cocoa and spinach. Get them used to natural flavors from an early age. One glass is equal to 370kcal.

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