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Telecom Accessories

are as important as a mobile phone in day-to-day life. Most of us would find it difficult

to survive without a mobile phone and the bare minimum set of accessories. Be it power

banks, earphones or smartwatches, these accessories are a must-have these days. Thereby,

creating a market that is growing by leaps and bounds year on year and is hard to ignore.
    A recent study on the mobile phone accessories market in India reveals that a rapid

increase in sales of mobile accessories is directly proportional to the sale of smartphones

in the country. The mobile phone market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 2.6% from the

period of 2014 to 2020. Consequently, the Prefromed Dead End accessories market would also

continue to grow and is expected to reach $107.3 billion by 2022.
    The population in urban areas is increasing. Spending capacity, too, has increased.

With mobile phones becoming an indispensable part of urban life, more and more consumers

are spending on smartphones and accessories.
    The influx of e-commerce websites has had a role to play in growing the mobile phone

market in India – both by usage and by the sale of mobile phones themselves. While the

money muscle of the e-commerce giants was used by them to increase their sales, it had a

direct effect on the uptake of smartphones by the Indian buyers. Vertical e-commerce

companies focused on the mobile phone Preformed Fittings sector also led to an increase in

demand for accessories.

Deadend Clamps
for ADSS conductors are designed to anchor insulated service lines

with 2 or 4 conductors to the pole or wall. The ADSS tension clamp is composed of a body,

wedges and removable and adjustable bail or pad. The PA series Anchor clamps are designed

to supporting the neutral messenger, the wedge can be self-adjusting. Pilot wires or street

lighting conductors are led alongside the clamp. The self-opening is featured by

Power Utility Fittings

to easily insert the conductor into the clamp.
    Poleline Hardware

are also named pole line accessories or pole hardware fitting, they are

important components of the pole line construction. According to the application, it can be

divided into telephone pole hardware, utility pole mounting hardware, or utility pole line

    The pole line hardware is joined together to make the installation come true, it is not

only supporting the power line but also protecting the power line from flowing. The full

line of the hardware needed for power utility applications includes


, Guy Attachment, pole band,  secondary clevis,  secondary rack, stay rod,

street light arm, yoke plate, etc.
    Utility pole mounting hardware is a quality utility power line part and accessories for

the electrical market all over the world. For different raw materials, there are different

processes. For the angle steel, the process involves cutting, punching, welding, and

bending. For the steel rod, the process is hot forged.
    Fiberglass reinforced polymer (FRP) or fiberglass is a composite composed of a polymer

resin matrix where glass fibers are embedded to impart reinforcement. The type, quantity,

orientation, and location of the glass fibers within a fiberglass component determine its

    The Fiber Glass Products

offered by Strongwell are lighter than steel and aluminum by 80% and 30%,

respectively. This translates to easier installation, lower transportation, and minimal

weight in structural design demanding weight savings. The company continues its efforts to

make lighter yet stronger fiberglass.
    The earth anchor is a dump earth anchor, which is used to bear tensile load. The

maximum working load of stingray anchor is 35 tons. After driving the anchor to the

required depth, remove the driven steel. Then tilt the anchor and lock the load using

foresight's anchor lock kit. This provides immediate verification testing for each

    Earth Anchors are the

perfect solution for high bearing capacity applications because they provide superior

support for civil construction operations, excavation support and tie back.


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