Natural Color PP Sheet
1.Acid and alkali resistant
2.Solid and hard
3.100% virgin material
Polypropylene sheet is odorless, non-toxic, tasteless in line with the national health standards, low density, which is the lightest among the general plastic. It can be boiled in water, 120 degree steam disinfection, can be used at 100 degree temperature for a long time without deformation. At the same time, polypropylene board has excellent electrical insulation performance and chemical stability, almost no water absorption, when contacting with the vast majority of chemicals no reaction occurs. Corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, etc. Polypropylene board is easy to weld process, with superior chemical resistance, heat resistance and impact resistance.
Data sheet
ItemSolid PP board/sheet
ColorWhite, Black or other customized colors
Size1000*2000mm, 1500*3000mm or customized one
MethodExtrusion process
Special requirementsUV resistant, food grade, Anti-static
Acid and alkali resistant equipment, environmental protection equipment, waste water emission equipment, washing tower, clean room, semiconductor plant and related industrial equipment, is also the preferred material for manufacturing plastic water tank.
PP thick board is widely used in punching board, punch pad, chemical, mechinery, food, medicine, electrical and electronic industries and other structural materials. PP Sheet

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