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The human body is wonderful. Every one of the functions our organs perform amazes even scientists. The function of the heart is one of the most important for the human body, but when this organ stops working properly, there are usually some symptoms that can warn us that something is not working well.
Signs that the heart is not working properly
It is possible to determine when something is wrong, because the whole organism suffers. In fact, there are 8 signs that the heart is not working properly. If you want to know them, keep reading.
1. Chest pain
Without a doubt, this is a determining symptom that reveals that the heart is being affected. If you feel pressure or pain in the chest area on a regular basis, it is important to see your doctor as soon as possible. It is usually due to a lack of oxygen in the blood going to the heart. And this is a consequence of other conditions, which you must attend to promptly.
2. Arrhythmias
Your heartbeat is very regular when you are in good health. Unless you do an effort like running or lifting, your heartbeat is unlikely to feel altered. Also, recovery after these efforts is usually quick. If you notice that your heart is working too fast or too slow, for no reason, see your doctor.
3. Apnea
Breathing is a vital factor, and when it stops for no apparent reason, you should be concerned. Especially if you wake up in the middle of the night because you can't breathe, something absolutely dangerous. Do not ignore this symptom, it is an indication that oxygen is not reaching the lungs. Therefore, your heart is working hard.
4. Swollen legs
If you eat a lot of salt, this symptom is almost inevitable. In addition to the usual fluid retention caused by excess sodium, salt can affect your heart. Remember that it can increase blood pressure, as it removes water molecules from your body.
5. Agitation
This goes very hand in hand with arrhythmias. When the heart races for no reason, we may feel the body shake. Instead of associating it with external factors, it is time to review the organism. A medical check-up could help you determine if your heart needs urgent medical attention.
6. Snoring
Annoying snoring is not just caused by poor sleeping position. In addition to making those around us uncomfortable, snoring is a symptom of other problems. If you snore frequently, be careful, because your heart may be failing or presenting some signal that you must attend to.
7. Pain in shoulder or neck
Arm pain is associated with heart problems almost immediately. But sometimes you suffer from neck or shoulder pain almost permanently. Well, these symptoms are also worth paying close attention to. These can also reflect pressure or pain during a heart attack.
8. Gastric problems
If you have stitches in your upper abdomen, pay attention to the health of your heart. In general, the burning and pain felt in this area are associated with poor digestion. However, in some cases, these are symptoms prior to a heart attack.
Early prevention and healthy changes in your daily habits could save your life. Don't underestimate the power of prevention in health.

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