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Our History
The company was founded in 2012.
Our Factory
Handan Phoenix Tree Houseware Co., Ltd is a newly established modern enterprise producing new bone china. The factory is located in Ceramic Industry Park, Yijing Fengfeng County, Handan City. The factory area covers 8.83 acres. The company is committed to improve Handan ceramic products and technology upgrading.
Our Product
Product Introduction: New bone china tableware, including different sizes of plates, bowls, cups, etc.
Product Application
Production Equipment
The main equipment is: (raw material process) spray drying milling equipment, 5 tons, 3 tons ball mill, 75k mud filter, 33A stainless steel mill; The world's most advanced isostatic pressing machine and high pressure grouting machine, manufactured by SAMA , automates the production of ceramic products from blank to qualified green blank, compared with the traditional rolling forming method, the product quality and production efficiency are obviously improved. (firing process) 58 meters and 52 meters automatic energy-saving cross-section kiln, 32 meters baking roller kiln.
Production Market
Exporting countries covering Europe, America, Middle East, southeast Asia, Australia, etc.porcelain Salad Bowl

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