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Product description
Metric Stainless Steel Nylon-Insert Flange Locknuts
Made from 316 stainless steel, these flange locknuts have good chemical resistance and may be mildly magnetic.
A nylon insert firmly grips threads to resist loosening and a flange distributes the load over a large area.
They鈥檙e reusable, but their holding power lessens with each use.
Height includes the flange. Metric 316 stainless steel is also known as A4 stainless steel.
Product detail
Drive styleExternal hex
Nut typeLocknut,hex flange
Lock typeSerrations,nylon insert
Thread TypeMetric
Thread DirectionRight Hand
Thread spacingCoarse
Thread FitClass 6H
Grade/ClassGrade A4-80
Material316 Stainless steel
Product drawing
Quality control process
Production workshop
Packing and shipping
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