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Product name: 2mm thick aluminum sheet
Product introduction
2mm thick aluminum sheet used by well-known brands in Southwest Aluminum or other aluminum companies affiliated enterprises of high-quality aluminum, high strength, good flatness.PVDF coating with the United States, Japan's state legislature, and other well-known brands of fluorocarbon paint, the PVDF content of more than 70 percent; powder coating with "Tiger" brand paint, coating surface smooth, bright color, good weather resistance.They are widely used in signs, billboards, building exterior decoration, bus body, kitchen utensils, kitchen sink, lamp, fan, electronic components, chemical apparatus, sheet processing, deep drawing, heat exchangers, construction lifter, aluminum case, safety equipment etc.
Company strength exhibition
鈼?Factory view
鈼?Workshop view
Q1. Why choose alucosuper?
A: We have more than 20 years of color painting experience, professional management team, good after-sales service
Q2. HOW is 2mm thick aluminum sheet warranty ?
A: For PE coating we usually offer 5-8 years warranty, and for PVDF coating we usually offer 10-15years warranty. For some special warranty request, we also can satisfy customer, over 20years is ok too.
Q3. How about packing?
A: For coils: we have two packing way , eye to sky and eye to wall. For sheet: use pallet packing.Custom Solid Aluminum Sheet

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