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Caoxian Lujiang Wooden Crafts Co., Ltd. located in the southwest of Cao County, Shandong, China where there are abundant natural resources especially high quality and low price paulownia, aspen tress. With the leadership and all the staff efforts, the company has successfully become a professional arts and crafts company.
We have powerful team, special design, skillful production, fastidious materials as well as exquisite workmanship.
The factory has a design team with more than 20 years experience, under the premise of quality assurance, reasonable prices, quality service, fast delivery. You can customize shape, size, material, color, lining, logo and so on.
We mainly specialize all kinds of wooden products such as Wooden Box, Wooden Tray, Wooden Basket, Photo Frame, Wall Hanging, Pet Supplies, Wine Box, Tea Box, Christmas wooden craft, Halloween wooden craft, small furniture, which had been exported to Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and so on.Wooden Box With Compartments quotation

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