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Our Factory
Lifeng Industry Group Co., Limited. is a high-technology engineering group in materials technology, finning, machining, bending and welding listed in global metal material market, located in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, China.
LIFENG is one of the world leading manufacturers providing an extensive range of metal products including pipe/tube, finned tube, tubesheet and forging products, clad materials etc. with metal grades of titanium, stainless steel, (super) duplex, nickel alloys etc. for various industries, including petrochemical industry, power station desulfurization, aerospace, ship, machinery and communication electronics etc.
The company commits to adhere to the business philosophy of "serving customers, contributing to the society and developing LIFENG on the basis of lean manufacturing and reliable quality" with an integrated Quality Assurance System and certification ISO 9001:2008.
This is a world full of competition, but we always try our utmost to provide customers with the most cost-effective products. Through the years, we have established long-term strategic cooperative relationship with many customers from different countries worldwide. This is because we can supply various metal products as per customer鈥檚 specifications with lean manufacturing, perfect quality, rich experience, personalized customization, well-deserved reputation and constant innovation.
With the belief that Research & Development is the key to enhance the core competitiveness, company has been dedicating to making a significant investment in improving R&D facilities and human capabilities, optimizing product scope in consideration of customer needs.
LIFENG never forgets why he started and continuously moves forward under burden. We believe good reputation comes naturally from real distinction and LIFENG will deserve it.
Our Product
1. Titanium and Titanium Alloy Materials
(Titanium Seamless Tube and Pipe; Titanium Welded Tube and Pipe; Titanium Rods, Bars, Sections & Profiles; Titanium Wires; Titanium Sheet/Plate/Coil; Titanium Pipe Fittings; Titanium Fasteners; Titanium Forgings, Rings, Flanges )
2. Nickel and Nickel Alloy Tube and Pipe
3. Stainless, Duplex Steel Materials
(Stainless, Duplex Steel Seamless Tube and Pipe; Stainless, Duplex Steel Welded Tube and Pipe; Stainless, Duplex Steel Pipe Fittings; Stainless, Duplex Steel Forgings, Rings, Flanges; Stainless, Duplex Steel Tubesheet/Tube plate)
4. Carbon Steel Materials
(Carbon Steel Flange; Carbon Steel Tubesheet/Tube plate)
5. Tube Bending
6. Finned Tube
(Extruded; "G" Embedded; L/LL/KL; Low; Corrugated/Spiral; High Frequency Electric Resistance Welded Spiral; H/HH; Longitudinal; Laser Welding; Studded)
Product Application
Petrochemical industry; Aviation and aerospace industry; Pharmaceutical industry; Gas exhaust; Power plant; Ship building; Water treatment etc.
Our Certificate
ISO 9001:2008.
Production Equipment
Smelting furnace, piercing mill, cold rolling machine, forging machine, bending machine, drilling machine, lathe, polishing machine, boring machine, wrapping machine....
Production Market
Sales Area: Europe, South America, North America, East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand etc.
Our ServiceStainless Steel Welded Tube For Boiler in stock

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