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LIS Automatic has been committed to producing High-pressure coolant system and hydraulic system in Taiwan for over 40 years.
LIS Automatic is a professional manufacturer of high-pressure coolant system in Taiwan which has years experience in producing the customized high-pressure coolant system for machine tools and users.
鈼哋ur Product
The main product of our high pressure coolant system, we use the piston pump which imported from abroad. -- LIS Automatic provides a variety choice for main pump in our customized system,
such as, piston pump, screw pump, diaphragm pump and etc.
Provided variety high-pressure coolant system which can choose for the 70bar, 100bar, 140bar for the standard pressure and up to 400bar for customized.
Provided the fixed volume and variable volume high-pressure coolant system for customers' choice. Depend on customers' demand, they can choose a suitable series to match their manufacturing.
鈼哖roduct Application
An advanced high-pressure coolant systems supply customers with a full supplement measure. Customers can use a multi pressure setting to increase the production effectively which also cools the cutting point to increase the tool life.
鈼哋ur Certificate
LIS promises to supply a quality assurance in the high-pressure coolant system which guarantees by the TUV ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 and CE.
鈼哖roduction Market
LIS' product high-pressure coolant system sells around the world, from North America to Europe, Southeast Asia to South Asia, Russia. We receive lots of highly commended by customers. Our products can provide good quality and function to meet the customers' demands.
鈼哋ur Service
LIS has a professional technician service team to provide customers to install the high-pressure coolant system and after sales service to maintain the system. They have lots of experience of installing the system in the CNC lathes, Swiss lathes and Machining centers. LIS鈥?technician service team gains a career training for after sales service and install service to customers. For overseas customers, we can send our technician to help you install the high-pressure system and provide a complete education and training awareness.High Pressure Coolant Machining

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