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Production description
Single Inlet Forward Centrifugal fans and blowers are compact units that can be used to either pressurize or evacuate in air moving applications. The impellers are permanently mounted to the external rotors for ease of installation and maintenance-free operation. These units may be mounted in any orientation to provide maximum airflow in minimum areas.
(1)YWF External Rotor Centrifugal Fans are divided into forward centrifugal fan and backward centrifugal fan according to curved blades, which have compact structure, convenient installation, credible running, little noise, energy saving and high efficiency.
(2) Several speed ranks, adapt to both frequency conversion and voltage transformation speed changing active. Our products are widely used in duct fans, roof ventilator, air purifying equipment, air conditioning, and household appliances, etc.
(3)The voltage of the single phase motor is 220V, 50/60 Hz, and the voltage of three phase motors is 380V, 50/60Hz. We can also supply other fan motors with different voltages and frequencies according to clients' requirement.
(4)The safety grade of this series is IP54, and the insulation classes are class B and class F.
(5) The applicable ambient temperature of the fan motors used in condenser is from -30鈩儈60鈩?
(6)The average service life of motors is over 30,000 hours.
(8) Our products have gotten UL approval, CE approval and CCC approval.
(9) Product Features
鈶?nbsp;鈥擬aterial: Housing: galvanized sheet steel
Impeller: galvanized sheet steel
Rotor: Coated in black plastic
鈶?nbsp;Bearings: Maintenance- free ball bearings
鈶?nbsp;Direction of rotation: Clockwise, seen on rotor
鈶ll models have reached UL approval, CE approval and CCC approval
鈶he type of protection is IP54. All models are fitted with an internal Thermal Overload Protection Device
鈶?nbsp;Mounting position: Shaft horizontal or rotor on bottom; rotor on top on request (Any)
鈶nsulation class is class B or class F
Performance parameters
      AInput Power
RPMPAMax Air Flow
Product feature and application
(1) Product feature:
鈼廋ompact structure
鈼廠pecialized design
鈼廟efined process control
鈼廠imple Installation
鈼廐igh efficiency and low noise
鈼廘ong service life
鈼廝ipe fan
鈼廟oof ventilator
鈼廐eat dissipation and ventilation
Illustration of Models
鈶?nbsp;  鈶?nbsp; 鈶?nbsp; 鈶?nbsp; 鈶?/p>
鈶燳WF: External Rotor Centrifugal Fan
鈶: Forward
B: Backward
D: Double Inlet
鈶?2,4,6):Pole of Motor
鈶: Single Phase Capacitor Operation
D: Three Phases Asynchronous Operation 
鈶?00: The Diameter of inlet
The Research and Development Center
The Research and development center of Ningbo Lionball Ventilator Co., Ltd is a national R&D center. It is appraised as High-tech Enterprises and Engineering Technology Center and has obtained many important prizes in the provincial projects.
Research and development center currently has 25 staff members. We introduced Germanic technology and employed a well-paid fan expert as our technical adviser. What is more, we have cooperated with international renowned enterprise EMERSON for about 5 years and will hand in hand with Carrier China.
Research and development center are facilitated with modern equipment and advanced laboratories: Air flow laboratory and life testing laboratory. We provide each member with professional inspection equipment for better research environment.
Over the past two years, owing to continuous effort of R&D team, we have successively obtained 15 certificates of Utility Model patent and 2 certificates of Invention Patents.
(1)Our Certificates of Utility Model Patent
(2)Certificates of Invention PatentForward Centrifugal Fan

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