Our History
Granvoz focuses on manufacturing, developing, and exporting speakers. In 20 years, we have been aiming at making the best speaker units.
Our Factory
On manufacturing, Granvoz owns a 3.5-acre factory locates in Hangzhou, China. Thus, we are confident taking care of every valuable client and order.
Our Product
We offer some of the most cost-effective speaker products such as the midranges, subwoofers, bullet tweeters, and coaxial speakers.
Product Application
Car audio, Live performance, Big events like expo, exhibition.
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
Injection machines, sealing robots, Magnetizer
Production Market
Our clients spread globally, mainly come from North America, South America, and Europe.
Our Service
On developing, we will select the best raw materials based on the parameters, needs, and diagrams provided by our clients. Building a speaker needs 13-20 materials, each material will shift the sound quality and price of the speaker. Our engineering team has more than 15-year experience in sampling and prototyping, we are capable to plan out the sound and price you desired.
On marketing, Granvoz mainly covers overseas market. Our professional sales team can solve all kinds of problems including samples, parameter confirmation, package design, video inspections, third-party inspections, customs clearance, paper documents, and LCL/container shipping.dome tweeter with crossover

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