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Our History
Our company has been engaged in the R&D, production and sales of berberine for more than 30 years, and has achieved a good market reputation in the industry. From the establishment of the township enterprise "Shouan Huanglian Processing Factory" in 1984, to the official commissioning of the Pujiang Lingxiang Industrial Park in Chengdu in 2017, and to 2020, the global production and sales doubled compared to 2017, the company has entered a high-speed Development track.
Our Factory
Our company is located in the Pharmaceutical Industrial Park of Pujiang Industrial Park, Chengdu. It is China's largest production enterprise integrating raw material planting, production and processing, and marketing.
Our Product
The main products of our company include berberine hydrochloride, palmatine hydrochloride, rotondine, etc., among which the production and sales volume of berberine hydrochloride reaches more than 200 tons per year, which is China's largest production integrating raw material planting, production and processing, and market sales. Type enterprise.
Product Application
1. Berberine hydrochloride has special effects on the treatment of dysentery and diarrhea. 2. Berberine has a good therapeutic effect on lowering blood pressure, lowering blood fat, lowering blood sugar, lowering cholesterol, obesity and other diseases. 3. Berberine is very helpful for the treatment of diabetes and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. 4. Palmatine hydrochloride is a specific medicine for treating gynecological inflammation. 5. Palmatine hydrochloride has a good therapeutic effect on dysentery, enteritis, respiratory and urinary tract infections, surgical infections and other inflammatory and infectious diseases.
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
Reactor, centrifuge, filter press, spray drying tower, concentration evaporator, high performance liquid chromatograph, gas chromatograph, microorganism detector, hot air circulation oven, constant temperature water bath, ultra-low temperature refrigerator, moisture detector, etc.
Production Market
Our company is the largest factory in China integrating berberine hydrochloride and palmatine hydrochloride with raw material planting, processing, production and market sales. The products are mainly sold to China, North America, Europe, Japan and South Korea. Because of the high European standards of this product, our company's high-quality products have been widely recognized and unanimously praised in the European market.
Our Service
Our company's products are produced in strict accordance with the requirements of GMP standards, strictly implementing the relevant requirements of the product production process, and at the same time strictly conducting quality inspections as required to ensure product quality. Our company has more than 30 scientific research backbones and technicians of various types. In recent years, it has actively invested in various scientific research expenses and has 3 independent intellectual property patent technologies. We have a complete quality control system, complete testing equipment, equipped with 8 QC personnel and 5 QA personnel. In strict accordance with the latest standards of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, we control the various indicators of the products to ensure that all listed products are qualified.Berberine

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